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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 29, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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as for wall street, reare waiting on consumer confidence data and home sales numbers. happy birthday to a 95-year- old strong man still going strong and we have the international film festival preview at 9:00 a.m. have a great day. denmark. the first ever presidential pitch to bring the olympics to chicago. >> he decided that he could leave for just one day. >> but with health care, the afghan war and problems with iran, does he have too much on his plate for a trip like this? we'll ask you're own bob schieffer. a brutal beating in chicago caught$on tape. a young honor student winds up dead. a city outraged. we'll talk to the boy's family. as roman polanski vows to fight extradition back to the state, we hear from his victim
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about the night he raped her. >> that's when i started realizing that i might be in trouble. and footwear fallout. a new study reveals the link with your shoes and your health "early" this tuesday morning, with your shoes and your health "early" this tuesday morning, september 29th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs definitely feels like fall. good morning. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. >> good morning. i want to tell all the ladies right off the bat that initially when you hear this shoe health story, you might think thmw is horribleable neww for all tle women out there who wear high heels, which most of us do. but our dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us if you absolutely do not want to give up your heels, there's something else you can do to save your feet. right? >> okay. >> and men don't have this problem. you'll be happy to hear. >> thank goodness. right now we want to get right to our top story.
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the unpress tented decision by president obama who$mw$lotmng$to copenhagen to help chicago snag the 2016 summer olympics. but his decision is not without political risk. cbs news national correspondent jeff glor is in chicago this movnmng$wmtl$move. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: maggie, good morning to you. that's exactly right, the president has you know already has plenty on his plate and chicago winning these games is by no means a sure thin. this has been a controversial bid at times, but the city is now hoping that sending a high profile delegation will put them over the top. the most well-known members of the lobbying team have not left yet, including oprah winfrey, first lady michelle obama -- >> let the games begin. >> reporter: -- and her husband, president, who changed his mind about traveling on monday. >> he decided that key leave for just one day, a single day, and be back in time to keep going on health care reform. >> reporter: ahead of the president, the aptly number
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united 2016 left chicago last night for copenhagen with 250 boosters on board after a rousing sendoff. >> it would just mean -- it gives me goose bumps even thinking about it. i mean, it would be amazing. >> reporter: it will be the first time a sitting president has made such a trip. a sign of how badly mr. obama wants the games in hissed a dammed hometown. he'll be joined by the heads of state from each chicago's three rivals. rio degentleman narrow, tokyo and madrid. >> at this village center -- >> reporter: chicago's olympic organizers believe the games will cost about $5 billion to stage, but would generate $22.5 billion for the local economy. though critics say that both of those numbers are far too optimistic. and they point to a recent "chicago tribune" poll that shows support for the games in this city has dropped to 47%. >> this thing will be financially rue fuss as well as environmentally disastrous. >> reporter: up until the
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president's announcement, rio degentleman narrow was considered the slight favorite to win these games in 2016 with chicago running a close second. the president obviously is hoping to change that. the winning bid is announced on friday afternoon. harry, back to$you. thank you very much. joining us nous is bob schieffer, cbs news chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation." good morning, bob. >> good morning. >> this tactic woroed for tony blair. he got the olympics to london. it worked for vladimir putin. we can see why there's precedent here. but doesn't it seem awfully risky to do right$now? i mean, being associated with the olympmcs has always been think of ronned ald reagan. he tied his whole re-election campaign morning in america to the olympics that summer in los
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angeles. i think in the end you and i will talk about this, a lot of the chattering class will debate it back and forth, but in the end, i don't think it's going to make any difference to the success or failure of the obama presidency. if the obama presidency goes down because barack obama went to copenhagen, it wasn't much of a presidency to start with. i think this president's success will be judged by how other things come out, not the least of which is afghanistan, iran and health care. >> 14 hours on an and he were will not maoe or break his presidency. but at the aim sometime time, we've got iran coming to a boiling point, afghanistan waiting if a decision on how many troops should or should not be sent this, health care$7$ fufflmng$on the back bu. does he have time to do this? >> oh, i think the white house would argue that he does. could you make the case that he doesn't, but, again, he's not going to decide what to do about
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afghanistan other than tver the hours. those are the questions, though that really do count. and i have to tell you right now there is a total and wholesale reassessment of our strategy in afghanistan going on. remember in march the president told us that he had a new strategy, he sent a new general over there to carry out that strategy. now here we are going over that total strategy once gagain? how many troops le send or is he going to send no troops? the answer is he simply hasn't decided yet. we have a total reassessment of what to do with b. afghanistan going on within the white house and throughout the administration right now. >> bof$wglmeffer, thanks so much forgetting up for us. do appreciate it. >> you bet. now we move to a brutal beating in chicago. four teenagers have been charged with$fmvwt-degree$muvdev.
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students who were fighting and this whole attack was caught on cell phone video. michelle gielan is here with the latest. >> those four teens are behind bars. cops are looking for at least three others. and we want to waurn, while the pictures are hard to$wetgl,$tle brutally of the crmme is even more difficult to understand. >> reporter: sophomore honor student and football star derrion albert was just walking to the bus stop when he passed through and you rumble between rival groups. police say one of the suspect, 16-year-old eric carson, strikes albert in the head with a long wooded.lank and then an up known offender punches lmm in the face knocking albert unconsciouw. consciousness, he tries getting up but is attacked again. police say 19-year-old suspect eugene riley hits albert with a wooden board and then police say 19-year-old so he van in a shannon repeatedly storms on albert's head.
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friends carried albert from the scene, but he died from his injuries. >> they should not have to deal with problems like this ever. >> reporter: but during the past three years, chicago's sharp rise in violent student deaths, most super fr shooting, have become chronic. last year there were 34 deaths and 290 shootings. derrion albert is the third chicago student to be killed this school year. a make shift shrine now marks the spot where he died. >> we come praying the highest form of prayer. >> prosecutors say the violence that left derrion albert dead stem from a shooting earlier that morning involving two groups of students from different neighborhoods who then fought after school. >> michelle, thank you. joining us now from chicago are two of derrion albert's relatives, his grandfather, joseph walker, and his aunt, rose braxton. good morning to you both. rose, what would you like people to know about your nephew?
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sgr that he was a great kid. he had an easy going temperament, you know, loved to enjoy life. loved to gl loved to go to school. he was looking pord to school starting. we had spoken to him being a senior and graduation. >> does it add insult to injury for your family, joseph, that this brutal beating was caught on tape? >> i haven't watched the tape yet. i don't think i'll ever watch it. because i wasn't there to protect my grandson, so i'll never watch that tape. >> the relatives of one of the suspects insists that the suspect was actually friends with derrion. do you know if he knew any of the young men who are accused of murdering him, rose? >> no, i have no idea if he knew any of those ones that were involved in it. i have no idea. >> what about these rumors out there that he may have actually
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been involved in gangs, joseph, and may have actually been part of this fight that was going on? >> let me make one thing perfectly clear. >> oh, yeah. >> that high grandson was not involved in any type of gang activities whatsoever. he was an innocent bystander. he was walking home from school. and when we make these streets safe enough for our kids to walk home from school, these types of incidents would not letten.7$ >>$wugl$en$mmtovtent$me$ we$wlould$edd$tlet$tolm$ fegt,$we]$tlet$devvmon$$ mnnogent$f]wtendev.7$ uueev$wo$wovv]$fov$]ouv. thanks for taking the time this morning.7$ >>$tleno$]ou.7$ $end$we$wlould$elwo$$ le$wew$en$lonov student that's why his aunt and his grandfather are holding up those certificates of$flmwlment.7$ vmgltñi$now,$tlougl, it ñheck in with russ mitchell$et the alleged master mind of a terrorist plot targeting transit
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here in new york city is ghu court this morning. najibullah zazi is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of conspire to go use weapons of mass destruction. security has you can imagine at the brooklyn courthouse will be very tight. authorities believe zazi had at least three accomplices. two american troops were killed by a land mine in the southern philly peeps this morning. an al qaeda-linked terrorist group is suspected. the two americans were on their way to help build a school. ght more than philippines, that toll is nearing 250 after devastating noods caused by a tropical storm. at least 375,000 people are in shelters after being forced from their homes. a new pacific storm is likely to hit the same area by the end of the week. and an unexpected customer at a beauty salon. take a look at this. a deer crashed through the front window of a salon in new town, pennsylvania yesterday. a witness said it was like something out of a movie. take a look at had. customers and workers getting out pretty fast. the deer was eventually led
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outside. no one was hurt. it is now 7:11. david price has a lot to follow. he's here with the first check of the weather. >> oh, dear, i love that haircut. nice to see you. good morning, everyone. we'll begin in the midwest and great lakes and the northern winds blew in early and that is exactly what we're seeing. gusts up to 40 miles an hour in some locations. and, of course, we're talking about temperatures pretty much in the 40s early this morning and they'll top out in the 50s. it is going to be cool. the south and southeast, beautiful temperatures. the heartland looks good, too. and we're seeing beautiful conditions out in the rockies, back in casper, wyoming, as well. temperature its in the 70s and 80s. but keep in mind cold air will move on in and big changes are in store for you. a powerful cold front moving in from the west right now. temperatures in the pacific northwest with scattered showers are in the 50s as a low pressure system moves on in. in the 40s throughout the great state of alas
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that's a quick look at the weather. russ, i have a feeling those deer which rolled in, trying to get in for a quick haircut and trying to buck the system. only a personal opinion. >> he's good. >> that's a quick look at your weather picture. let's send it back to you guys. >> welcome back. we miss that. coming up, we'll be speaking of the family of those three american hikers. also ahead as he fights
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deny payment for 1 out of every 5 treatments doctors prescribe. if the insurance companies win, you lose. tell congress to rewrite the story. we want good health care we can afford with the choice of a public health insurance option. welcome back to "the early show." now to the case of those three american hikers being held captive in iran. it's been nearly two months now since sarah shourd, her boyfriend, shane bauer, and their friend, fattal, were captured. they had been hiking near the iranian border and the iranians say they krolgsed the border illegally. last week ahmadinejad said he would seek leniency and expedite this case, but so far nothing has happened and this morning sarah shourd's mother is here, nora, as well as josh fattal's
7:18 am
mother and his brother, alex. thank you for joining us. two months now without even so much as word from your loved ones. as mothers, what do you worry about? >> we worry about their day to day, yyou know, like if they're well and if they're healthy, if they're comfortable, how they're taking it mentally. we just worry about it all the time. >> what is that like to have absolutely no idea what your son is going through? >> it is very difficult. it is a day by day difficult situation. we all know shane, sarah and josh are composed individuals, they're calm individuals, and we get reassurance from that. but we are, of course -- we want to hear from them. we want to hear their voices. >> what is the last bit of information that you've had, al alex about your brother? >> the most we know is what
7:19 am
president ahmadinejad has said and that's made us hopeful that he'll exdpedite the case. we take great comfort in that. we're holding vimg i wills tomorrow throughout the cup at 14 locations and what we really hope for is that those vigils will turn into welcome home parties. that's our greatest hope. >> we all hope that. are you concerned at all that before president ahmadinejad said that he would seek leniency, he had set that he wouldn't release them unless we released iranian prisoners being held in the u.s. and now that tension is escalating between the u.s. and iran, has it crossed your mind that this could be a set back for you? >> no, we're not concerned about that. >> nora, are you? >> you know, i think in general if you listen to the language from president ahmadinejad, it's very positive and it seemed to us like it got more positive the more he said. so we are very encouraged by it. >> and president ahmadinejad a
7:20 am
father himself. and he has shown and said he has sympathy for our case.isa father himself. and he has shown and said he has sympathy for our case. a father himself. and he has shown and said he has sympathy for our case. so our case is not a political issue. >> what have you been do to go try expedite that, who have you contacted in the u.s. government? >> we're working with the state department and they have been a tremendous asset to us, dressily helpful. >> have you not about reach of reaching out to beill sclin ton who secured the release of the two journalists? >> each case is different and our case is very different than euna lee and laura ling's case. so we'll take whatever works. >> have you thought about reaching out to bill clinton at all? >> there's a lot of people who have taken an interest in shane, sarah and josh and helping behind the scenes directly and indirectly. a f for all of those efforts, we're extremely grateful.
7:21 am
that support is across the board and i think that's what we'll see tomorrow in these 14 vigils across the country, friends who are supportive and concerned and hopefully all that positive energy will radiate out to tehran. >> gosh, we hope so. and we want to let everyone know for more information, they with go to free the and we look forward to having you and josh and sarah back here with us on this sofa. >> and shane. >> and shane. of course. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, we'll hear from roman polanski's victim as he stops to fight from being take x. take dited to the u.s. you're watching t"the early sho" on cbs. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by kohl's. the more you know, the more you kohl's. kohl's, expect great things. (announcer) what if your foundation could last 24 hours?
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coming up in the next half hour, we'll be speaking with the victim of roman polanski who as you know is now fighting extradition back to the u.s. about. and we'll go to the uk to talk to robert
7:26 am
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look at all those dog xwis getting up early to be with us this morning on "the early show." aren't they adorable? we heard them growling before we came on the air and i said what's that noise and harry said -- >> my stomach. >> i don't eat until after the show. how about you? >> i always eat before. you need that power. good breakfast in the morning. don't you listen tor. ashton? >> and difference to listen to dr. ashton coming up because she is here with a new study a that
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shows that the shoes that we are wearing, ladies, could be not only hurting our feet, but causing major injury down the line. its eye probably not helping me that i have to wear these high heels every day because you're like a foot taller than i am. so i wear crazy high heels. >> here's a moflt full disclosure, okay? when the camera is available to-to-see your feet, you wear those shoes. but otherwise when you're behind the anchor desk, she wears these little nasty -- they're nasty. so nasty. we'll show them later. >> they're fluffy slippers. deliciously comfortable. and it's morning. that's what you guys are wearing a home, right? i just want to be right here. also coming up this morning, inside the oval office, when president clinton was there, we'll talk to taylor branch. he made 80 trips to the white house during the clinton presidency. made recordings. the recordings he gave to the president. he took copious notes then afterwards and has written a book about all of those conversations. we'll have that for you in just
7:32 am
a little bit. first, though, lawyers for roman polanski filed a motion in switzerland today to get him released from jail. the victim of the director of such classic films as "the pianist" and "chinatown" isn't talking right now, but several years ago, she spoke to "early show" national correspondent hattie kauffman. she joins us now from los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. polanski's victim, samantha geimer, says she has for given him. spoi with her in 2003 when polanski was nominated for an oscar for his film, "the pianist." at that time, she was adamant that it is never too late for justice to be served. a plan that geimer was a 13-year-old who wanted to be a movie star. roman polanski was one of hollywood's hottest directors when they met in 1977 for a if he toe shoot. >> he took topless pictures of me which i think in the back of my head i was thinking they'll be cropped or it's in european magazine and we all know they show breasts in european
7:33 am
magazines. >> reporter: samantha did not therl mother about the pictures. polanski basking in the success of his littest film arranged a second photo shoot, this time at nickel so that's house. >> how did it go from the photo shoot to a rape? >> the last photos were taken in the jacuzzi. with you th but then he got in the jacuzzi and then that's when i started realizing that i might be in trouble or i at the time uncomfortable. i knew it didn't feel right, so i -- i told him that i wanted to get out of the jacuzzi, that the steam was giving me -- i had asthma and i couldn't breathe and i thought maybe she take me home. i j u.s. made that up. so he said, okay, can out now and gave me -- grabbed a towel, went in the house. and that's also when he said, well, here, take this little -- this had help you, a little piece of a pill, to relax my asthma attack. >> what was the pill? >> it was a piece of a qua lewd. >> so then you have sex against your will. this is not consents all. >> this is not consents all.
7:34 am
i was no, no. >> reporter: but this time samantha did call her mom who called the police. he was charged with six felony countses. he claimed the sex was consents all in that. >> she wasn't unschooled in sexual matters. she was consenting and willing. >> reporter: facing decades behind bar, polanski fled to europe where he's been a fugitive until his arrest this weekend. >> is it too late now for justice to be served? >> it's never too late. it's never too late to go back and fix something that wasn't done right. it's been too long, but it will never be too late. >> reporter: now in, the years since that rape, geimer has settled a civil suit with polanski. earlier this year she asked l.a. prosecutors to drop charges it against him. she said she just wants to move on and get on with her life and she does not want any media attention. >> hattie kauffman in length
7:35 am
this morning. thank you. joining us now from england is novel list robert harris, a friend of roman polanski, who has been working with him on a film adaptation of his book the "ghost." mr. harris, good morning. >> reporter: go . >> good morning. >> did roman polanski live in fear? >> no. certainly not that i've seen. i've been working with him pretty continuously for three years. and he traveled very freely back and forth between france and switzerland. he has a house in switzerland, which is why it seems so astonishing when he was actually picked up at the airport on saturday night because he could have been picked up at anytime if they wanted to do so. >> so he was not cautious about his movements? >> no, not at all. i've known him go off in the last year or two all over the world to china, to egypt, to greece.
7:36 am
"the ghost" finished shooting this year. about he spent three months in germany. >> what was his attitude toward all of this, toward this case, this incident that happened some 30 years ago? >> well, you know, he has young children of his own now, to whom he's devoted. i think he's embarrassed about it for them. i would imagine that he is. when this hbo documentary, roman polanski, wanted and desired, came out last year, i think he thought it was a turning point for him because that film, while not glossing over the seriousness of what happened, nevertheless did show the things that had gone on behind the scenes with the judge changing his mind on the plea bargain, which was the reason why he fled to europe. i think he thought at that point nefs a position to get the whole thing thrown out. it may be that he then became too overconfident, too aggressive in his legal action in los angeles, their patience finally snapped.
7:37 am
and really a half-hearted pursuit over the past 30 years became suddenly much more intense. >> so so this hbo documentary, which he helped -- he collaborated with, may, in fact -- >> no he didn't actually. >> but may in fact have or at least was produced with his consent, shall we say? >> well, yes. he was interviewed for it. >> but it may have, in fact, had an opposite effect and blown up in his face. >> well, i think that's the irony here, yes. i think just takes looked as though he was winning a kind of battle on this issue, he sowed the seeds of his own defeat and i think the los angeles prosecutors have been stung some to action by that movie. i can't see otherwise why the swiss should suddenly have arrested him after all this time. they are now cooperating much more fully with america and
7:38 am
other countries after the credit crash and it may be that they're just trying to show that they're keen boys. >> robert harris, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. coming up, the link between your shoes and your health. we'll show you how to pick shoes that won't hurt you. when we come back. pollen.
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it is now 7:41. let's check in again with dave. >> hello. ble let's walk on over this way and get right to it. it's going to come down and the rain should be some sort of teal or aqua marine. wind gusts in 209 or 30 zone, but just nasty. the southeast looks but just nasty. the southeast looks terrific.e zone, but just nasty. the southeast looks terrific.zo, but just nasty. the southeast looks terrific. zone, but just nasty. the southeast looks terrific. o, but just nasty. the southeast looks terrific. a powerful cold front will drop
7:42 am
temperatures in the pacific northwest do you know even washington state down 15 to 20 all right. that's a quick look at your weather. here's the latest series that the brain yaks at the "early show" have thought of. they thought it would be funny about they drop me somewhere on the west coast, leave me everything but my i.d. and in a week i have to find my way back
7:43 am
here to new york. that's it. that's all i have, and some computers to communicate. so we did a promo, take a look. this tells you you all about it. >> i don't recognize this at all. >> this is perfect. >> perfect for what? >> it will be great. >> this is it. >> this is you, dave. >> this is my assignment? >> here's a blackberry, here's 50 bucks. bye, have fun. >> where are you going is this. >> good luck. >> how am i supposed to get home from here, how am i supposed to find my way home? >> "dave price: no way home." the journey begins friday on "the early show." >> i think this is deserving. you've work sod hard these years here at cbs. i think this this is just perfect for you. >> this is basically where in the word is matt lauer without matt lauer and without the budget. and without foreign countries, without the private 737. >> wait paint. you get 50 bucks. >> 50 bucks.
7:44 am
all kidding aside, i'm going to be tweeting, we'll have a gps, i'll be a prisoner attached to moi leg so you'll follow it on a map, i'll be relying on the kindness of anyone who is not a convict. so it should be a ball. it all begins thursday when we find out exactly where i'm starting and this is a straight deal in that is not s skrchlt htick. >> i have a feeling you'll be doing a lot of walking, so you'll want to pay attention to the next segment. >> run forest, run. >> jennifer ashton will tell us how to choose the right shoes on your feet don't hurt. we'll be right back.
7:45 am
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- now where you going? - to practice keeping 'em full and focused. i have big shoes to fill. i'm used to hearing "yes" a lot. - yes. - yes, sir. - yes. - absolutely. - yes. - you got it. - of course. - it's not because i'm ceo. - no. - no. - no way. - all: no. it's because at southwest airlines, we're built on customer service. - that's why we're here. - yep. - yep. - yep. - yep. - yep. - yep. - absolutely. no problem. you can count on that from me. we got your customer service right here. grab your bag. it's on. ( ding ) this morning's "health watch," shoe sins. a new study find that the women who wore more comfortable shoes in the past were 67% less likely to report foot pain. here with some advice on how to
7:48 am
choose a better and healthier sole is our own dr. jennifer ashton. >> we're both so into shoes. so what kind of pain are we talking about? >> big one is something called plantar fash unite tis and it's basically caused when a very high heel like this one causes the bottom tissue band that goes from the heel to the toes to contract, it then gets inflamed or swollen and causes basically a spasm. and this is a big rob. and not only something called plantar fash unite tis, but bunion, hip pain, back pain. this is a significant issue. >> so i guess that's the number one shoe sin that we commit, we wear heels that are too high. >> right. and believe it or not, this is my shoe. the safest heel height is actually 2.5 inches. so obviously i'm well over that. >> what's the second shoe sin we commit? >> walking wounded. people are not buying should yous that are the right size for them. you want to try your shoe on at the end of the day and you want to make sure it fits in the store, don't let any shoe
7:49 am
salesman tell you that it will break in and trech. >> do thought buy shoes that will hurt because it will not get better. number three? >> selling your sole. a lot of these ballet flats are pop uhe larks they look like they would an smart choice, but actually they need good support in the sole and the arch. so you'll see things that you can buy in a regular drug store like these, these arches which are actually just a gel which can support your arch and a soul. and, again, something like an athletic shoe obviously is good. >> also stretch your feet and wear slippers. they're not so nasty, are they? so that your foot can get a break once in a while. we'll be right back. they're not so bad, right? >> announcer: "cbs health watch" sponsored by walmart. save money, live better. walmart. stores' prices ther and they'll match any advertised price. so instead of searching for "deals" out there... you get everyday low prices, right here.
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in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. a horrific story of abuse and then escape. a mother accused of locking her young son in a closet for years. >> this kid's endured a lot. he's basically been tortured for four years. >> we'll have the very latest. there travel gate to lewinsky, al gore to hillary, we'll give you a secret look inside bill clinton's few mull chew us years in the white house. and you've seen them on tv. products that claim they can fix the scratches in your car or clean your windshield. we'll put them to the test. "early" this tuesday morning we'll put them to the test. "early" this tuesday morning september 29th, 2009.
8:01 am
captioning funded by cbs nice, beautiful, brisk fall morning here. >> wonderful weather to take a nap. >> indeed. >> why are we on this bed? >> here's the most important thing. you got keep your feet on the floor, just like on dick van dyke. >> got it, no rob. >> welcome back to the "early show." we'll explain what this is all about in just a little bit. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez and what's his name back here. >> sour pesky little brother. get off the bed. >> why? i want to sleep with you guys. >> no. >> these are called man caves. they're all the rage. this is like you're a man and you want a man bed. >> i think i should leave you guys alone then. >> so, anyway, we'll explain in just a couple minutes. also ahead, month resting
8:02 am
for this guy. look who is here, the godfather of fitness, jack lalanne. he is unbelievably fit at the ripe young age of 95. >> only guy in television who is older than i am. >> and you didn't think it was possible. >> and he looks better. how is that possible is this. >> oh, come on. >> i can tease. >> go work. all right, let's go inside, see what's happening. russ mitchell not in bed. he's on the job this morning at the anchor desk. >> all those that option sound xws. good morning to you at home. the man accused in what officials call the most serious terror threat to this country is in court this morning. najibullah zazi will be arraigned in brooklyn on charges of conspiring to use weapons of mass depruks. zazi says he's not guilty. authorities say he was captured at a beauty supply store in denver buying high dough gasoline peroxide and acetone.
8:03 am
authorities now known the identities of three people who allegedly help zazi. a mother and her male friend are in jail charged in a shocking case of child an pews. they tortured her 14-year-old son for 4 1/2 years and kept him locked in a closet. here's don teague. >> reporter: the unidentified boy escaped from this northeast on oak what city apartment last friday with the help a sin link, me his way to this national guard post, dirty, malnourished, wearing only a pair of oversized shorts. he walked up to a security guard and asked to see police. >> he had scars from where he was stabbed, from being beaten, from being choked. he had scars over the jorlt of his body. >> reporter: police have arrested his 37-year-old mother and a friend, 38-year-old steve hamilton. according to this police report, the boy had scars from being tied up, others from being beaten with an extension cords, and still more scars on his stomach from being doused with
8:04 am
alcohol and set on fire. during all that time, he has never been to school and spent most of his time locked in a bedroom closet. >> there's several locations where this took place, all of them in oklahoma city. but in all of the locations, there was some type of torture involved. >>. >> reporter: a next door neighbor found it all hard to believe. from from what i seen, she was a good mother, she talked to her kids with respect, please, thank you, come on, guy, let's go. >> reporter: the boy told police his nightmare began when mccall was released from jail in new jersey. she then moved to oklahoma and he was september to live with her. police say apparently none of his six siblings were subject to physical abuse. don teague, cbs news, dallas. a senior iranian official is quoted this morning as saying that iran will not discuss that newly disclosed nuclear plant in a meeting thursday in i can't ja knee have a. the u.s. and other powers sought the meeting specifically to talk with iran's nuclear ram but the iranian official says the country will not abandon its
8:05 am
activity, quote, even for a second. in congress today, the senate finance committee will likely consider the so-called public option for health care reform. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes has more from washington this morning. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, the public option is not in the committee's health care bill now. some powerful democrats are pushing for it. but they're facing an uphill battle. it will be a major test for the hotly debated public option. two democratic senators, forcing a vote on the public option, in the senate finance committee. >> make no mistake about it, the president's for this strongly. there will be a public option in the final bill? form of it. >> reporter: the bill currently contains a nonprofit insurance co-op, a compromise designed to win over the gop, xwhu will likely only garner one republican vote at most. >> there is definitely frustration on the democratic
8:06 am
sood that the months and mochbs of xwesh yagss did that tleed any republicans as of yet actually coming out in support of it. >> reporter: but the finance committee is one of the most conservative in the senate. and so this public option amendment probably won't pass. still, the public option is far from dead. four other elt care reform bills in congress contain versions of it, so this is a debate that will tip for months. >> man nancy cordes in washington. thank you. and here's what we look toik call your morning dose of cuteness. a baby right fussrous being mothered by human fill-in. no name yet, but it weighed 129 pounds at birth. it is now 8:06 on this tuesday morning. dave and maggie outside on the plaza. maggie, what you got there? >> more cuteness. >> what do we have? >> pepe. >> a beautiful animal. and she's a little scared. >> she need as home.
8:07 am
>> so give pepe a hug while we tell you about united action for animals. hey, this smi shis my show. we have jennifer and she's worked with us in the past. i've adopted an animal through you guys. you're with united action for animals. tell me about what you guys are doing. >> we're raising funds for spay and neuter clinics. we also have partnered with animal care and control in new york city and we have some of thaer adapted animals. >> keep in mind, every, as we sur vsurvey all these dogs and cats and kittens, some of them pit bull, as well, looking for a home where there's plenty of love. you can find anything you want, poor breds, mixed breeds, but if you have a home and you can offer some love, adopt, adopt, adopt. let's take a check and see what's happening all along the country weather-wise and see what's happening -- i may wind up doing it myself again. who knows. big changes in the pacific northwest. look at that 70s and 80s today.
8:08 am
but a strong cold front is going to begin to move tloorks we'll see a little bit of rain, 40s and 50s tomorrow. going down some to the valleys of california, we'll see things cooling off, as well. midsection of the country looks gorgeous. great lakes, soggy. dreary. and really >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by starbucks new via instant coffee. come into any starbucks this
8:09 am
weekend and take the starbucks via taste challenge. speaking of vie, a we'll be going from one coast to the other next week via we don't know where because we'll start a new series, called "dave price: no way home." these guys are dumping me somewhere in the west coast this thursday, taking everything i have, the only thing i'll have, 50 bucks, a blackberry, a phone, and that's it. a one-way ticket out to the west coast, thaend all next week, we'll be working our way towards the east coast. we have no idea how we're going to get there. we have no resources. but we'll be tweeting, it's going to it be on the web. you'll be able to follow it. i'll have a gps device. and i just need you to pray for me because i have no idea how this thing will turn out. all right. hair require, we'll send it over to you. tune in next week and log on to the web, as well. dave, you've seen these commercials. as seen on tv. you've seen this one. it may take us a week to do this, but these little scratches
8:10 am
on your giant red tour bus, look at that. we'll see if they really, really work. when we come back. veggies in your house?
8:11 am
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8:13 am
like prostate cancer. so have regular exams. call your doctor today. avodart. help take care of your growing problem. got a scratch? fix it. >> just rub, peel and -- >> all right. does this feel a little like mark twain, right, with painting the fence? because you get one of these things and you work on there like that. okay. all right. this morning we begin our series as seen on tv where we choose some of our favorite infomercial products. i picked fix it pro which promises to fix scratches, knicks, dings on any car and we decided to put it to the test. >> the instant scratch remover that repairs dings, scratches and nicks on contact. >> you've seen it where you're supposed to rub if into
8:14 am
scratches and they'll supposedly make them go away. >> it's so easy, just pressure the easy on applicator, apply and let dry. >> i thought bologna. so we got one and there are these little scratches on the roof of my car. >> if seeing is believing, watch this. >> so this is what you do. you scribble on here, you scribble on here with this pen thing. this is pretty nutty. >> like magic, the scratch disappears right before your ice. >> this is crazy. i'm more than a little amazed by this. it really works. >> and you're never amazed. >> and i'm completely skeptical. so it could take a couple of day, but see what it does? >> it does work. >> what does it do, does it fill in? >> i have no idea. i'm afraid to know what's inside. >> this man has a few aging wrink wrinkles. let me see if i can get rid of them. look at that.
8:15 am
>> that's amazing. >> and then they have some -- >> so how much is had again? >> i don't know. like nine bucks, ten bucks. all right. thousand, here's another one. got another one over here. excuse me, though. like on a car like this, that's 100 years old, it should have gone on the cash for clunkers, on a surface like this, nothing. not going to happen. not going to it happhappen. >> interesting. so you need a relatively between and clean paint surface. >> what is this? this is called the windshield wonder. >> can we make some extra money on the side some. >> mayor giuliani got rid of this in new york, but we'll bring it back. all this takes is regular tap water, you spray it with a nice mist, and then when you're in your car, and you can't -- >> hang on. hang on. take a look at this and then we'll try this in a live demonstration.
8:16 am
>> all right. >> we have a tape? >> if you think a clean windshield is too much of a stretch, if you think a clean windshield is just out of reach, you need the windshield wonder. the windshield wonder makes cleaning windshields side and rear window, even hard to reach interior glass, faster and easier than before. >> right, faster and easier than ever before. all right, dave. are we ready? i think it's supposed to be the inside. >> oh, it's from the inside? well, let's do it again. operator error. >> dave is his own squeegee man. >> i didn't know. look at that. this is incredible. >> why do you need to clean the inside of your windshield? >> it gets messed up from oxidation and all that stuff from sunshine, from your kids spitting up as you drive and brake. >> none of that happens to me. >> well, it happens in -- look at that. and you can spell your name when you're done. >> there you go. >> we'll be testing all kinds of products this week.
8:17 am
we each chose one and we promise no cheesy smiles. >> some of them work and some don't. still ahead, we'll talk to taylor branch who had inside access to the clinton white house when we come back. it's not the new lexus. it's not the new bmw. it's not the new audi. what it is... is impossible to resist. the new twenty-ten lacrosse from buick. it's the new class of world class.
8:18 am
i want to tell everyone! i wish i had your beautiful skin! thanks! or not. with unbeatable prices on l'oréal paris true match makeup, beauty costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart.
8:19 am
it turns out that during bill clinton's eight years in the white house, he secretly created an oral history of his presidency by tape recording conversations with a longtime friend and author. a new book based on those conversations provides a revealing look inside the clinton presidency. during bill clinton's presidency, the nation ross entered, he worked for broker peace in the middle east, championed welfare reform and signed the and a half take free trade agreement. >> we are ready to compete and we can win. >> but his presidency was marred
8:20 am
by numerous investigations, a lawsuit brought by paula jones charging sexual harassment, and the monica lewinsky scam. through it all, the prod con kelled those events some confidential tape recorded conversations with friend and historian taylor branch. and joining us now is the author of the clinton tapes where he is li where he is link history with the president. taylor branch. how many trips did you make to the white house is this. >> 79 that actually as a resulted in hesser to. there were a few that within aborted, but 79 full ones. >> you're in and out of this white house all these dozen and dozens of times during the clinton presidency. is there a way to characterize what these conversations were like? >> they were always an adventure because you never new what you were going to find. he talked about lots of different subjects and you never knew what he was into to go be doing. you might be talking about a missile strike or helping chelsea with her home work, so you never knew what was going to
8:21 am
happen each time. >> he kept the tape, but when you left, what did you do? >> i popped another tape if to my recorder that i'd just used to record him and recorded every memory i could have driving home to baltimore. >> from the almost 80 conversations. >> that's right. >> i want to start with the lewinsky scandal. what was he like during that time? >> well, there was a lot of stress. he also, not surprisingly, didn't schedule sessions right after the lewinsky scandal broke or right after he confessed, so i didn't see him upping on the. by then i think a little bit more recovered. but he talked about it seldom and pain fwli. >> was he remorseful? >> absolutely. he said i cracked. >> he cracked. >> that was the phrase he used. >> what do you think he meant by that? >> i think he meant just what he said. a little later he said he felt sorry for himself, that he
8:22 am
thought he had beaten down all the scandals and then they will rereviving. this was the time of china gate and allegations about al gore and a buddhist temple. he said it's never going to stop. >> as he was leaving the white house, there was of course the election with al gore and george bush. what was his assessment of george bush, the younger? >> it was quite interesting. early on in the 2000 primaries, he said he thought george bush and john mccain, who were the chief vie value, were mirror images that mccain was qualified to be president, but had no idea how to rurngs and that bush, the reversion had shrewd political instinct, but he didn't think he had the moxie to to be a president. >> he called him an empty suit. >> called him an empty suit. >> rekoupts the confrontation between bill clinton a al gore. >> i didn't know to ask about that because sometimes he would just it will me i want to put on the record we had a two hour knock down from both sides about
8:23 am
who was responsible for losing the 2000 election back and forth. >> because clinton wanted gore to use him. >> and clinton wanted gore to use a different strategy, to run on the record, saying you're not going to win if you don't run on this record. >> and fascinating insight into one of our more fascinating presidents. tayl
8:24 am
parentheses have a place but not on your face. smooth those lines away for up to a year with juvéderm®. juvéderm® is a smooth injectable gel your doctor uses to smooth out wrinkles like those lines on the sides
8:25 am
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8:30 am
saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive. really a glorious day here in our neck of the woods as we spread the message about adopting pets. you're the poster board for that. >> i adopted my own dog, chance. i adopted a dog for my parents. 73, 74 years old. yeah, i adopted a dog 73 years old. he's cranky and only uses coupon, but he's something else.
8:31 am
>> and always eats dinner at 4:30. >> which is what we love. but adopting is so important. go on pet finder, make sure your animals are spayed and neuters so we don't make the problem worse. but nothing like an adopted pet. and they know it when they get in your home. welcome back to "the early show." >> kind of our sermon for this morning. >> and peace be with you. coming up, ladies look out, bed makers are are trying to man up the bedroom. they have created man caves because many times -- >> that was jack lalanne. swhee explain why he's here. he turned 95 on saturday. 95. he still exercises daily. he's in fantastic shape and he's written a book now to share all his secrets with all of us. and that's why he is here this morning. >> and i'm sure he has man cave like this.
8:32 am
>> well, getting a good night's rest is a crucial part of living long and staying healthy. >> because women usually make this decision about mattresses and beds and stuff. so now there's this local appeal out these man cave things. so we'll explain. >> i like it a lot. also, we've got the return of j4. you remember a few months ago they got a cbs recording contract after we think our "early show" "singing family faceoff." they're here to sing their new single. >> they grew, they got bigger. amazing. >> those crazy kids. but first here's dave with a file che final check of the weather. >>. come on, jack, take me on, brother. i'll teach and you few things. i intimidated him, for the record. let's see what's happening all across the record. looks like big changes in the north and west. temperatures going to be dropping washington into idaho, montana, as a strong cold front pushes through. midsection of the country looking gorgeous. southwest still seeing those
8:33 am
triple digit temperatures, southeast beautiful weather, great lakes really chilly conditions and a strong wind. tomorrow it will feel like november in some parts east of the great lakes. keep in mind we're barely getting to october at this point. simply beautiful in the southeast. those dry hot winds rolling up into sections of texas, driving those temperatures up and the southwest looks good.
8:34 am
yep, don't forget, if you want to be on "the early show" if you're in new york, if you'd like to see the show in person, come on overnd get behind the scenes. go to our website at early that's a quick look at the weather picture. harry, over to you. watch out significant others, all that guy stuff from the garage is moving in to the bedroom. here with the latest man cave coolness, are the man cave coolness king, david gregg, senior editor at how are you? >> i'm great. well rested, also, thanks to these wonderful beds. >> look at these beds. >> this is a combination of what happens when you take a bachelor pad and put it together with a home theater, you get a man cave as i heard you say earlier. i'm not sure how many wives ors girlfriends would be into sleeping in a man cave, but for the guy out there looking for the ultimate, this particular one is from a company based out of israel.
8:35 am
what's unique is not only only is the mattress special, it has aloe vera that conditions you as you sleep. but on top of the fact of that, it has a remote control to operate a full media entertainment unit. 42 inch flat panel tcht v from sone, surround sound, dvd player. if you take you a look over here, it's got an ipod docking station. if you help me yank this, just lift it. apparently there's a built-in safe to keep your gun in the safe there. they even make units that come with special wine and champagne which i willwiller -- chillers,. this will set you back with $50,000. but the most unbelievable night sleep. >> this looks quite similar. >> this is a slight step down,
8:36 am
maybe in the $20,000 to $30,000 range. maybe not as tricked out, however, it does have a similar feature here. can i ask you just to lie down and give this a test drive, if you would? >> all right. >> they say that it's actually good to sleep with your head a little elevated because when you do, if you suffer from sleep apnea, it can cut down on the snoring. >> better for your breathing about. >> absolutely. this is also made with a special what i text fibn latex fiber. again, 0 20$,000, $30,000. it also uses a special technology to make sure your body breathes better. >> this is kind of cool, they have the tcht v right at the foot of the bed. >> and of course when you want to hide the tv, you can lower it, also. this particular model does not have the surround sound. so just wanted to point that out. >> over 300 different fabrics that you can pick from. for those people, or i should say those man guys that always
8:37 am
wanted to have a lamborghini but couldn't necessarily afford the price tag, very popular bed over in europe, just released here in the united states. extremely comfortable, you can see the styling. very low profile. tip typically you need a step ladder to get into them. this is actually a man bed that most women would probably let their husbands be a able to buy for the bedroom. this is called the ultimate. notice how it says cool sleep. if you feel that fiber right off of there, it's designed to actually allow air to go through the surface of the mattress. so if your wife likes it a little cool or you like it a little warm, it helps your body regulate temperature. the least expensive, by the way, just about $1200 to $1900. >> you're the king of the man cave. >> i'm just a man bed guy. and i'm ready to have a bromance right now. >> no, thanks. >> a bromance with harry.
8:38 am
>> david gregg, thank you so much. now, here's maggie. is he called the godfather of fitness for good reason and jack lalanne is still going strong at the tender age of 95. >> here is a man who will show you how to feel better, look better, jack lalanne. >> they call hip the godfather of fit ths. >> here we go. hi, everybody. >> reporter: jack lalanne is a man of many firsts. he opened the first health spa, got athletes to work out with weights, and encouraged women to hit the gym. even the jumping jack was named after him. but jack lalanne is probably best known for hosting the first and longest running tv exercise program. it ran for 34 years. as jack got older, his feats got bolder. at the age of 70, he towed 70 boats with 70 people for a mile
8:39 am
and a half. again, handcuffed and shaq kelled. his list of accomplishments seems to go on forever. and so does his youth. jack has a new book called live i don't think forever and jack lalanne is here to tell us about it. good morning. 95, looking amazing. how do you feel? >> i can't afford to die. it would wreck my image. just had my 95th birthday. i've been practicing 95 year, now i'll start doing some living. >> i love that. you can share with snus because in the book you share so many wonderful tips, but is there one motto you live by? >> 12 steps to optimum health, fitness and long gefity. and this book, this is my 11th book, i give all the secrets of how to feel better, look better, so you can live longer. all about nutrition, about exercise, about all these
8:40 am
things. this book, i'm telling you, everybody should have that book. >> i agree. >> it's what i believe in so strongly. >> what is your philosophy? >> i've got one thing in my life, healthy people that help themselves. >> and that's key, isn't it? helping yourself. >> anything happens to you, good or bad, all you ladies and gentlemen, you make it happen. a lot of people say i'm fatwa my dad was fat. you're fatwa you you ate all that junk that your dad was eating to make him fat. >> that's right. >> fat, fatal, awful, terrible. >> what kind of exercises do you still do every day? >> i lift weights an hour and a half. another half hour in the pool swimming. sglefr day is this. >> yeah. i work out seven days a week. you don't have to do this. it's an ego thing with me. i just want to see how long i can keep it up. you have to have challenges.
8:41 am
>> what would you say for achblg people then, what should they do? >> if they work out 20, 25, 30 minutes three or four times a week, that's plenty. but it should be done vigorously. every 30 day, change, do something different. the only way you hurt your body is inactivity. don't use it, that's the killer. >> i want to know, when you look back on your life, what are you most proud of, jack? >> my wife. >> aah. elaine, come on in. you've been married 50 years. she is beautiful. >> we've been together 56 years. >> this is our version of a birthday cake for you since you're healthy, we decided to give you a fruitcake. how did he change your life? >> i was a junk food junky when i met him and i was on television in san francisco. and he said you should be eating apples and bananas. i was eating chocolate donuts and he said the only thing good
8:42 am
about the donut is the hole in the middle. so i -- he said you should be eating apples and oranges. oh, yeah? >> as you're puffing your cigarette. but he helped you change. >> i changed. he changed my whole life. and i'm going to be 84. >> please sit down. i'll encourage all of you to read the book and get their secrets. absolutely wonderful. jack lalanne, elaine, thank you. >> how about a little exercise while we're doing this? if you sit in a chair this, is what he taught me, put your knees in to your chest and out. >> beautiful. go to the web, and get all the exercise, all the nutritional tips and a lot of freig great stories. coming up, j4, the winners of "the early show" "singing family faceoff" are back to perform a new single right here on "the early show." ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
earlier this year the "singing family faceoff" brought six finalists to new york to perform for viewer votes and a shot at a cbs recording contract. well, this summer, j4, a band of siblings from eastern tennessee, walked in to a nashville recording studio and entered the next phase of their fantastic journey. >> you're coming to new york city! ♪ >> reporter: week after week, song after song, the smith family sub links from bluff city, tennessee, let their voices be heard. >> are you so much better than
8:46 am
me. no, no, i loved your vocals. >> reporter: j4 won overviewers and became the early show first ever "singing family faceoff" champion. live performances proved the ban had talent. but would jessi, jedidiah, josiah and josephine have what it takes to make it in the studio? >> he kept saying to do it over and over again. >> so are we ready to go? >> yeah. >> we've had some anxiety, we've had some tear, but it's all good and all part of any process that's difficult. >> it needs to be perfect because that's why you're here, to make it sound really, really good. >> high five. all right. ♪ >> reporter: since most of the recording studios required just one member at a time, the rest of the group would find fun
8:47 am
elsewhere. >> they have an awesome game room upstairs. >> i like the pin ball. >> reporter: rock star treatment aside, this band of sisters and brothers were here to make music their fans would love. >> they're incrediblital lebted. very gifted, all of them. >> we want to have the sound like we did live, but just sound better. >> reporter: after three long days in the studio. ♪ i think i love you you >> reporter: -- two classic songs eamericaned, reimagined for a new generation. >> definitely a little harder than performing live for something. >> i still like it, though. >> yeah. >> now performing for the first time as cbs recording artist, here are j4, jedidiah, j event
8:48 am
ssi, josephine and josiah, sinking a remake of fleetwood mac's don't stop oig. ♪ if you wake up and don't want to smile if it takes just a little while ♪ ♪ open your eyes and look at the day you'll see things in a different way ♪ ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow don't stop it'll soon be here ♪ ♪ it'll be better than before yesterday's gone yesterday's gone ♪ ♪ why not think about times to come and not about the things that you've done ♪ ♪ if your life was bad to you just think what tomorrow will do ♪ ♪ don't stop
8:49 am
thinking about tomorrow don't stop it'll soon be here ♪ ♪ it'll be better than before yesterday's gone yesterday's gone ♪ ♪ don't you look back ♪ all i want is to see you smile if it takes just a little while ♪ ♪ i know you don't believe that it's true i never meant any harm to you ♪ ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow
8:50 am
don't stop it'll soon be here ♪ ♪ it'll be better than before yesterday's gone ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow don't stop it'll soon be here ♪ ♪ it'll be better than before yesterday's gone yesterday's gone ♪ ♪ don't you look back ♪ don't you look back don't you look back ♪ ♪
8:51 am
>> wow. >> j4. spectacular. >> oh, man. >> you guys have grown by leaps and bounds since we last saw you. you're more confident, more into it. you feel that way, you feel leak you're professionals now? had. >> yes. >> amazing. >> what was the highlight of going to nashville and having an opportunity to record in the studio? >> well, i think it was getting to meet all the people, just the experience itself. we'd never been able to record like that before. that was really exciting for us. we liked mr. cool j was really nice and he was a big help to us. and we just really had a good time. >> was it a lot harder than you thought it was going to be?
8:52 am
are you still glad you do it? >> oh, yeah, we are very happy that we got to do that. and it was a little tough because you would have to do things over and over to get it just right. but the local experience was very awesome. >> do you guys still get along okay? sibling rivalry? >> yes. >> i bet all the girls want your autograph back home, right? and you can give us as we go out an "i evenithink i love you"? >> "i think i love you." >> and it's available on itunes today. on so check that out. have a good day, everybody. your local news is back. to aquafresh, your mouth is amazing.
8:53 am
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it is 8:55. howard bernstein and angie goff to check the weather and traffic. we end partly sunny. a much cooler day with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour and highs an the 70-degree mark. right now we have 58 with a few clouds out there. plenty of sunshine. 61 frederick. low 60s southern maryland and the eastern shore. in the lower 50 altman naysays. a brisk start to the day. big storm system up in southeastern canada. the northwesterly winds around the next couple of days the cool weather and maybe even a
8:56 am
sprinkle on wednesday. let's get a traffic update. not looking so good in spots. >> what's going on. all of a sudden all of these accidents popping up on the maps. 50 eastbound at courthouse road an accident is blocking the center lane there. southbound gw parkway a another crash and in southeast dc one more. this is at minnesota avenue. 270 southbound major slow go. at least one hour to get from 109 to the split and this is the road you travel. >> yeah, but i travel at a much earlier hour. so it is looking much better at 2:30. breezy and a few clouds today. tomorrow more clouds and maybe a sprinkle. mid-60s. a chilly start to thursday. we finish with sunshine and upper 60s. late friday could be a shower. better chance of a shower on friday and sunday should be better 71 degrees an redskins are home with tampa bay. we finish next monday with temperatures in the mid-70s.
8:57 am
watch out breezy at times and could be gusting to 30 miles an hour. we have a full half hour of news in a few minutes on 9 news now. we hope to see you then. over the next three minutes, grab a snack if you want and join us on the other side of the break. the world could use a little more space by moving 35,000 truckloads of freight each day csx trains give you more room on the highways because the world could use a little more space csx. how tomorrow moves.
8:58 am
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